5 Reasons to Cater with Adam’s Grille for the Holidays

From corporate events to personal gatherings, the holidays are about great company and great food. That is why choosing the right company to cater your party is important. At Adam’s, we specialize in the homemade savory comfort food everyone associates with the holidays. If you have ever come into our restaurant you know our vibe. We are your neighborhood all-American hangout. However, don’t let our casual atmosphere deceive you. Adam’s experiences in formal, individual plate catering as well as lower-key buffet-style catering. It really just depends on what you want for your event. Here are five other reasons why you should cater with Adam’s Grille.

1. Reduce Your Stress

We all know time is money. But have you ever stopped to think about what your piece of mind is worth? Save yourself time and money by having your event catered. In the long run, it is cheaper to hire a caterer than it is to buy all the food, do all the prepping, making sure it’s all cooked, heated, and tasting great. It’s a lot to take on. Instead, you should focus on enjoying yourself. The best part? We also offer a wide variety of food. You aren’t limited to what you know how to cook. Instead, the stress is off you and we do what we do best: cook great food.

Cater with Adams Grille - Crab Dip

Our catering menu also has finger foods, appetizers, and platters available for pick-up.

2. More Menu Variety

While BBQ is our roots, food is our forte. From weddings to fundraisers, corporate events, and more, we know exactly how to make your event a success. Adam’s isn’t just a one-note restaurant. Our catering team works with you to come up with a menu that fits your event. We can walk around with hors d’oeuvres or have a less formal affair. It’s all up to you.

Not throwing a big enough party but want to have Adam’s food at your party? We got you. Our catering menu also has finger foods, appetizers, and platters available for pick-up.

3. Catering is Accommodating

Who knew Karen in Accounting was a vegetarian? When it comes to bigger events, it is hard to please everyone. Except that is exactly what we set out to do. Adam’s Grille understands people have food preferences and allergies. Any food intolerances go into our planning for your menu without making the planning process more stressful for you. Other things we can help with? Helping set up, take down, and determine if you need any alcohol permits for your event.

4. Sustainability Means Something to Us

Cater with Adam’s Grille - Private Event Room

Guests can now host a catered event right here at Adam’s! Book our new Private Event Room for family gatherings and corporate parties.

Our clients are important, and so is our surrounding community. That is why we are working really hard to lower our carbon footprint. Starting within our restaurant and expanding to all our services, we want to have greener practices. You can learn more about our plan and future plans to accomplish this on our Beefy Blog. The best part? You can feel really good about enjoying our amazing food items knowing we are working hard on going green.

5. It’s More Than Just Great Food

Although that is our staple, there is more than food that goes into great catering. Our team of professionals prides ourselves on outstanding customer service and fantastic presentations. We think the quality of our catering depends on not only delivering amazing food but also the small details. The less you have to worry about, the better. Moreover, if you’re anticipating a lot of guests, you can also request our bartending services.

To learn more about Adam’s catering services, visit our catering page and fill out a form. Also, don’t hesitate to reserve catering in our new private event room for your next family, seasonal, or company holiday party. The holidays never tasted so good!