Adam’s Taphouse and Grille
Main Menu

Menu selections may vary slightly by location. Please call your local Adam’s for specials and specific menu items. Pricing and descriptions subject to change.


Chips & Dip – $10.50
Fresh corn tortilla chips served with queso and salsa.
Extra queso 3.49

Raw Veggies & Dip – $10.50
Carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, green peppers and grape tomatoes, served with ranch dip.

Spiced Steamed Shrimp
Served with cocktail sauce.
Half Pound – $15.99
One Pound – $24.99

Adam’s Hot Crab Dip – $17.99
A creamy blend of cheese and spice baked to perfection. Served with sliced baguettes.

Bacon Cheddar Skins – $12.49
(4) potato skins topped with bacon & cheddar cheese, served with sour cream.

Fried Mozzarella and Marinara – $10.99
Breaded and fried fresh.

Chili Con Queso – $10.99
Our homemade chili blended with our nacho cheese, served with fresh corn tortilla chips.

Ahi Tuna Bites – $16.99
Jerk seasoned Ahi tuna seared to perfection with wasabi, sriracha and sesame dipping sauce.

Adam’s Monday Shrimp Special

$19.99 per pound
All Day & Evening
Dine-In Only

Adams Grille & Taphouse Seared Tuna
 Ahi Tuna Bites

All Adam’s Wings are made fresh and served with bleu cheese,celery and carrots.

Adam’s Chicken Wings – $15.50
(8) plump and juicy wings breaded and fried. Hot, Mild, or Honey BBQ.

Gator Wings – $17.50
(8) wings baked, simmered in beer and spices, then grilled in our famous hot sauce. Served with ranch dressing.

Hog Wings – $15.50
Three grilled portions of bone-in pork from the shank end of a fresh ham, served with your choice of Gator, Hot or Mild.

Adam’s Smoked Wings – $17.99
8 Large wings marinated and smoked, topped with Smoke Sauce.


Homemade Chili – $7.50
Using Adam’s own recipe.
Load it with onions, jalapeños, cheese and sour cream $3.25

Soup of the Day – priced daily
All of our soups are made on the premises using only the finest ingredients.

Homestyle Chicken Noodle Bowl – $5.50


Garden Salad – $6.99
Mixed greens with cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and red onions.

Caesar Salad – $7.99
Crisp romaine tossed with grated parmesan and croutons.

Grilled Chicken Breast Salad with House Marinade – $14.99
Served over garden salad or Caesar salad with a bread stick.

Shrimp Scampi Salad – $18.99
Sautéed shrimp in scampi butter, served over a large garden salad or Caesar salad.

Salmon Salad – $22.99
8 oz. Fresh Salmon Grilled with our lemon herb butter served over a large garden salad or Caesar salad.

Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak Salad – $19.99
6 oz. Ahi tuna steak grilled with a lemon herb butter, served over garden salad or Caesar salad with a bread stick.

Adam’s Steak Salad – $19.99
Slices of tender New York strip steak served over your choice of a large garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette and parmesan cheese or a Caesar salad.

Crab Cake Salad – Market Price
Served over a garden salad or a Caesar salad.

Border Chicken Chopped Salad – $16.99
Flash-grilled chicken breast served in a blend of chopped greens, aged cheddar, cilantro, lime and salsa, topped with tortilla crisps.

BBQ’d Ribs, Chicken & Shrimp

Served with your choice of two sides

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Our famous, mouth-watering, tender ribs. This is why you came here!
Full Rack $26.99 Small Rack $21.99
Just Ribs – Full Rack $22.99 Small Rack $17.99

BBQ Chicken
A slow cooked half chicken basted in our famous sauce.
Whole Chicken $21.99 Half Chicken $15.99
Just Chicken – Whole $18.99 Half $11.99

BBQ Ribs & Chicken Combo – $28.99
Perfectly charred half rack of ribs & a slow-cooked half chicken.

If Pigs Could Fly – $30.99
A half rack of our famous Baby Back Ribs, served with a half order of chicken wings (choice of sauce).

BBQ Shrimp – $24.99
Nine skewered jumbo shrimp, wrapped in bacon.

BBQ Shrimp & Ribs – $29.99
Three BBQ’d jumbo shrimp & a half rack of ribs.

BBQ Shrimp & Chicken – $23.99
Three BBQ’d jumbo shrimp & a half BBQ’d chicken.

The BBQ Trio – $26.99
Half pound of ribs, a portion of smoked brisket and pork BBQ.

BBQ by the Bay – Market Price
Half pound of ribs, 5 oz. crab cake, 3 bacon BBQ shrimp.

Adams Grille & Taphouse Crabcake Ribs and grilled shrimp
BBQ by the Bay
must-try items 3
Full Rack and Fries
Steaks & Seafood

All steaks butchered fresh and grilled to your specification. Served with your choice of two side items.
Add a crab cake to any entrée for Market Price | Add a skewer of BBQ shrimp to any entrée for $6.99 | Add sautéed onions and mushrooms for $3.00

New York Strip Steak – $31.99
USDA Choice cut cooked to perfection. 14 oz.

Adam’s Signature Sirloin – $28.99
USDA Choice 8 oz. center cut beef sirloin grilled to your liking.
Add sautéed onions & mushrooms $4.99

Tenderloin Filet – $29.99
8 oz. choice cut from the short loin.

Crab Cake Platter
Perfectly seasoned Jumbo lump crab cakes broiled or fried until golden.
(1) Market Price (2) Market Price

Rack & Cake – Market Price
Half rack of baby back ribs served with a Maryland crab cake.

Grilled Pork Rib Eye – $18.99
Boneless 8 oz. cut grilled in your choice of House BBQ or Bourbon sauce.
Add a second cut for $9 more.

Adams Smoked Brisket Platter- $ 20.99
Half lb. slow smoked hand carved brisket.

Grilled Salmon – $22.99
Fresh Atlantic fillet grilled & served with your choice of sauce: Lemon Herb Butter or Bourbon Sauce.

Surf & Turf – $33.99
8 oz. tenderloin and BBQ bacon shrimp skewer.

–Dinner Rolls and Corn Bread available upon request–

Adam's Taphouse and Grille Kent Island Steak
NY Strip Steak
Adams Grille & Taphouse BBQ Grilled shrimp, potato salad and coleslaw
BBQ Chicken & Grilled Shrimp
must-try items feature
Farmhouse Burger
Adam's Grille and Taphouse Kent Island Pulled Pork Sandwich
Adam’s Pulled Pork Sandwich

Served with fries and slaw. Substitutions are additional.

Adam’s Smoked Beef Brisket – $15.99
5 oz of hand carved, slow smoked brisket on French Round.

*Burgers – $14.99
A half-pound of fresh, hand-patted ground chuck, grilled to your liking and served on a brioche roll.
Add your choice of – American, Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar or Bleu Cheese $1.00

*Adam’s Classic Burger – $15.99
Served with sautéed onions, mushrooms and provolone cheese.

The Farmhouse Burger – $16.99
A half pound burger topped with bacon, grilled ham, cheddar cheese and a fried egg.

Crab Cake – Market Price
Broiled or fried until golden, served on a brioche roll.

Pulled Pork BBQ – $11.99
Tender braised pork pulled from the bone, chopped and piled high on a French round roll with Adam’s BBQ sauce.
With Adam’s Pig Pickin’ sauce $12.99

The New Yorker – $19.99
6 oz. of our strip steak, char-grilled to your liking, with sautéed onions, mushrooms and provolone cheese. Served on a baguette with lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayonnaise on the side.

The Beyond Burger – $14.99
Plant based grilled burger on a French round roll with toppings and fries.

Grilled Chicken Breast
All served on a French round roll
– With Adam’s BBQ sauce $12.99
– With House marinade served with ranch dressing $12.99
– Topped with hot ham, Swiss & BBQ sauce $13.99

Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak $18.99
6 oz. Ahi tuna steak grilled with a lemon herb butter, served on a brioche roll.

Buffalo Chicken Breast – $13.99
Breaded and fried dipped in Adam’s spicy wing sauce, served on a roll with bleu cheese dressing.

Haynie Special – $14.99
Hot pastrami piled on top of toasted rye. Topped with swiss, onions, mustard & slaw.

On The Side…

Cole Slaw – $2.99
Applesauce – $2.99
Potato Salad – $3.75
Baked Beans – $3.75
French Fries – $2.99
Broccoli – $3.75
Baked Potato – $3.75
Loaded Baked Potato – $4.99* (ADDITIONAL CHARGE ON PLATTERS)
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy – $3.75
Sweet Potato – $3.75
Vegetable of the Day – $3.75
Steak Cut Onion Rings – $7.25

Our Signature Mac & Cheese Crock
Big, bold flavored comfort food! – $6.25


Fresh Ground Coffee, Tea, Sodas and assorted Juices – $3.25
Free refills on coffee, tea & sodas

Kid’s Menu

10 years & under. All children’s meals served with fries and applesauce. Vegetable substitutions offered for $.50

Small Pork Sandwich – $8.99
Hamburger – $8.99
Cheeseburger – $8.99
All Beef Frank – $7.99
Macaroni & Cheese – $8.99
Chicken Tenders – $10.99


Smith Island Cake – $8.49
Ask your server which variety we are serving.

Hot Apple Pie – $8.49
Warm Apple Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream and Whip Cream.
20 Years plus on the menu and we ain’t changin’ a thing about it!

Hot Fudge Brownie Sunday – $8.49
Warm Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Whip Cream.
That’s all we got to say…

Skillet Cookie Sundae – $8.49
Fresh baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Crust and a large scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Caramel and Chocolate Syrup, all in your own cast iron skillet.

Adam’s Value-Pack $110.00

Enough for 6 people. Carry out only. No Substitutions.

Order of Buffalo Wings

Pint of Pork BBQ

1 1⁄2 Whole Chickens

2 Racks of Ribs

Quart of Coleslaw

Quart of BBQ’d Baked Beans

10 Dinner Rolls

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Adams Ribs Kent Island Catering
Bulk Sides

We recommend 4 to 6 servings per quart and 25 to 30 servings per gallon.
Potato Salad
Pint – 5.75 | Quart – 10.50 | Gallon – 36.99

BBQ’d Baked Beans
Pint – 5.75 | Quart – 10.50 | Gallon – 36.99

Pint – 5.75| Quart – 7.25 | Gallon – 24.00

Pork BBQ
Pint – 14.99 | Quart – 25.99 | Gallon – 97.99

Adams Smoked Brisket
$19.99 lb

Wing Trays

 Served with bleu cheese carrots and celery on 18″ tray

Fried-35 ct. – 70.00| 70 ct. – 125.00

Grilled-35 ct. – 75.00| 70 ct. – 130.oo

Smoked-35 ct. – 75.00| 70 ct. – 130.00

Ribs In Bulk
20 LB. minimum
16.99 per lb.

Whole Chickens In Bulk
5 whole minimum
16.99 per chicken

* Consuming raw or undercooked meat or poultry may increase your risk of contracting a food-borne illness.
Dinner rolls available upon request
An 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more.
We accept Mastercard, VISA, American Express & Discover. Please, No personal checks

Gluten Free