Summer Cocktails that Taste Like Vacation

Don’t deflate the pink pool flamingo just yet. Even though we’re heading into August, summer cocktail season is still in full effect. That being said, as the heat index increases, we have no choice but to elevate our cocktail game as well. From your classic everyday cocktail to a seasonal tropical mixed drink, there’s a cold beverage waiting to satisfy every taste bud at Adam’s Grille! So, whether you prefer rum, vodka, or tequila, sit back, relax, and enjoy an endless summer with 5 must-try summer cocktails.

Mermaid Water

summer cocktails 1Alas, the search for the perfect rum punch is over. Our fruit-flavored Mermaid Water cocktail is not only deliciously sweet, but it’s beautiful too. Featuring two types of sweet rum (Captain Morgan and Malibu), this cool summer cocktail transcends you straight to the sands of a tropical island. Try this rum-tastic drink, mixed with pineapple juice, lime juice, and Bols Blue Curacao liqueur today. You’ll be sprouting a tail and iridescent gills in no time.

Millionaires Margarita

Don’t worry, our Millionaires Margarita won’t cost you two commas. But, with a name like that, we know we better bring the flavor. Mixed with Patron silver tequila, lime sour, Patron Citronge and Grand Marnier, this strong cocktail will have you savoring every sip. Needless to say, the only thing better than our Millionaires Margarita is perhaps the Billionaire version (see below).

Black Eyed Susan

Grab your floaties and dive into the delightful Black Eyed Susan cocktail. Featuring Bacardi rum, Smirnoff, Triple Sec, orange juice, and pineapple juice, this easy-drinking cocktail is made with our Marylanders in mind. Did you know the Black Eyed Susan is both our state flower and the official drink of the Preakness? It’s true. So, rep your Maryland pride and sip on this cheery, refreshing beverage while the sun’s still shining.

Peachy Martini

summer cocktails 2August is National Peach Month, so what better way to celebrate than with a Peachy Martini! Featuring Deep Eddy Peach vodka, pineapple juice, and lime, you won’t be disappointed in this tasty, tangy summer cocktail. And, what could be sweeter? You get to enjoy it in a classic martini glass. Just like it was meant to be.

Billionaires Margarita

Rounding out the list of signature summer cocktails is our Billionaire’s Margarita. Like we mentioned before, this one is a step above the rest. After all, your margarita deserves an upgrade and only the best ingredients will do the job. Mixed with 100% blue agave Milagro Anejo tequila, agave syrup, muddled lemon, lime, and orange, this cocktail is sweet, smooth, and refined. Now, the only thing missing is a quick trip down to Mexico.

Stop by Adam’s Grille before summer is over, and check out our signature summer cocktails. Also, see if anything catches your eye on our Craft Beer Menu or Wine Menu! Of course, there’s always plenty of fun to be had at Adam’s Grille well beyond summertime. See you soon.